Harold Hermann - On The Lam
Harold Hermann - On The Lam
Harold Hermann - On The Lam

Harold Hermann - On The Lam

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Harold Hermann, Aesthetics and Symbolism

Discover the remarkable photographs of Harold Hermann, in which the human body is the masterpiece: textured, tattooed, decorated... from grand, abundant frescoes to more streamlined images, always embodying strong aesthetics and symbolism.

Artwork details

• Number 1/8
• 50 x 70 cm
• Rag Baryta color print
• Passe-partout, aluminium rod, museum glass


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Harold Hermann on this Photo

Every part of the world, every living being (humans, animals, rich, poor) is in transition on our Earth, sharing the same atoms that, transiently, form life... We are all equal in the face of matter, made up of the same elements that have existed since the big bang and will exist well beyond our earthly passage.

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